Nick AKA Uneek, is a DJ that hails from the United Kingdom, specializing in Trance music and it’s various sub-genres but also very capable of playing UK Hardcore and putting together multigenre sets.

Nick has been an active DJ since 1998 and tends to use the experience he’s obtained over the years to help others in their quest to become better DJ’s.

As a mentor he has successfully managed to teach a number of people the art of digital DJ’ing, all of which have gone on to become successful DJ’s in their own way, producing various podcasts and radio shows that can be downloaded from the iTunes store or listened too live in the SecondLife grid or streaming server.

Aside from being a DJ and mentor Nick is also the founder of the Midnight Sessions website, bringing his unique skill-set of web administration, coding and design with him, allowing Midnight Sessions to offer a wide variety of genres.

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