Midnight Sessions – Global Music Transmission is a small broadcasting and promotion site that was originally created by DJ Uneek in order to house the Midnight Sessions podcast mixes that were distributed on a regular basis to listeners all over the world, creating the much needed ‘web presence’ that most artists and DJ’s need, whilst this may have been a start it didn’t bring the satisfaction DJ Uneek was craving.

Early in 2014 the site was adapted and expanded to accommodate for a variety of EDM sub-genres such as UK Hardcore, House, Electro and Dubstep and implemented tools that allowed DJ Uneek to promote the sets of friends while establishing its own community of broadcasters, promoters, sound and video engineers, bringing together a core unit that became more like family. Even though this format gave more satisfaction DJ Uneek still felt that something was missing and that he could do more to promote the artists.

Since its re-launch in June 2014 Midnight Sessions has established publishing platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Google and iTunes, allowing it to grow rapidly and reach a much wider audience spanning from the United States to Japan including a list of 3rd world countries that all help bring attention to the DJ’s that use Midnight Sessions as their central publishing HUB.
At the beginning of 2015 DJ Uneek, with the help and support of DJ’s Twiggy, Truebrit and KMJP, decided to do something irregular and outside of the box, they adapted the Midnight Sessions website once again to take things to a whole new level by expanding even further, allowing the site to promote events, tracks and other material from any producer or DJ with a completely free service that adds no additional workload to their increasingly busy schedule or their management teams.

This free promotional platform was created out of respect for the artists and the love of their music, adding a new level of promotion that really is driven by passion that continues to expand it’s reach on a daily basis and is linked into several podcasting communities and directories such as Blubrry, iPodder, Player.fm, Podkatcher and Libsyn.

Since it’s adaptation Midnight Sessions has been able to publish podcasts, events, videos, galleries and single tracks, linking back to all the relevant places and creating a community where music and event information can be shared and accessed and is supported by a wide range of user friendly facilities including personal update walls, Twitter style @replies, user forums, groups, profile pages and user access levels, all working in conjunction with media uploads created by our friendly team to bring users the best experience possible.

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